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Top 5 Copier Selling Tricks

 January 6, 2021

By  Elie Vigile

Selling copiers can be a tricky business. Customers these days have so many options, at so many different price points, that it can be difficult to figure out how to target a given product.

At the same time, it isn't a lost cause. Businesses need copiers and if you can position yourself to seem like the best in town, success is still possible. Today we've gathered some of the best, actionable tips we have to help improve your odds and beat out the competition when it comes to selling copiers!

Tip 1: The Perception of Price is King

It is rare a customer will buy a product they feel is expensive. Some big clients may want the best copier available, regardless of price, but that's rare. Most will want a model of moderate capabilities at a good price.

But what is a good price? That's where it gets complicated. A good price depends not just on a client's income but also less obvious factors, like whether they've been primed to view a given price as high or low. 

It's a fact that if a customer sees an expensive product and then another, more reasonably priced product, they will view that product's price as more reasonable. The opposite is also true; if a customer sees a cheap product, a reasonably priced product begins to seem unreasonable. 

A good strategy for copier sales is to start by showing an expensive, feature-rich copier. A customer either buys it (which is good!) or will then view your more popular, cheaper options as better buys (which is also good!). 

Tip 2: Figure Out What Your Customer Wants

Identifying the wants and needs of your customer base is critical in any sales profession. There are many ways to do this but it's best to start with easily obtained data. 

Look at what copiers you do sell and try to gauge what options tend to sell to what clients. Sales data can tell you a lot about what a market is looking for. You'll do even better if you can get data on your competition's sales, although this information won't always be available.

Talking with and interviewing customers and potential clients can be a great way to collect data too. The trick is not to annoy your base; if a given person doesn't want to disclose information to you or is ignoring your emails, move on rather than hassling them about their wants and needs.

Tip 3: You Want High-End Leads

Sales lead generation is one of the real bugbears of sales. Getting good leads is not easy; most leads will lead to you selling one or two cheaper products or even no products at all.

High-end leads, where customers might buy higher-end copiers or even a few middle-shelf models, are the ideal. Unfortunately, generating leads like this consistently is challenging without a team helping you.

This is where 1800 Copier comes in. One of the many services we offer to copier sales professionals is lead generation. We can help boost your site traffic, increase customer interest, improve their trust in your business, and land you more sales!

The trick is simple but consistent contact, without pushing so hard a customer becomes uncomfortable. Our methodology can land you as good as a 21 percent rate of phonecall acceptance, far better than average, and we'd love to answer any questions you may have about our service before making a decision!

Tip 4: Develop Lasting Relationships

One-off sales are fine but part of succeeding in sales is developing lasting customer relationships. Related to the above point, you need to maintain relationships with clients that are likely to buy multiple copiers.

If you can get a big enough stable of clients, you can cycle back to customers every few years to help facilitate their purchasing new copiers as their old ones become outdated or stop working. 

This is what true success in sales looks like; once you can reliably turn to previous clients and land additional sales over time, your sales (and therefore income) becomes easier to predict and grow.

Tip 5: Professionalism is Important

Sales can be a stressful career path; income isn't always predictable or reliable (hence lasting relationships being so important). It's important that you not convey your own stress to potential clients.

A salesman who sounds desperate is less likely to get sales than one speaking confidently and with a smile. This veil may seem dishonest but it's just about maintaining the right tone. You want to accurately convey the traits of copiers you think your customer will like, not that you rely on those sales so you can eat and pay rent.

People like salespeople who come off as professional. This means you should have a clean, nice looking site. You should know about the copiers you're selling and, if you meet clients in person, should have business cards.

You have only a short while before a potential customer who decides to give you their time walks away (literally or figuratively). In that time, you need to make them comfortable, make yourself seem trustworthy, and make the products you're selling seem high-quality.

Selling Copiers? Let Us Help!

If you're selling copiers, we can help you reach the next level of doing business. At 1800 Copier, we are experts in generating more traffic, leads, and sales for copier and IT businesses. We've helped our clients succeed in the competitive world of sales and would like to help you too!

Whether you decide to hire us or not, we hope our advice today gives you the edge you need to land some new clients. If you liked this article, check out our blog for more content on improving sales!

Elie Vigile

I help copier dealers turn their website and online presence into a lead generation machine using our custom marketing system which allows them to save money on advertising and bring in a new flow of customers without having to constantly rely on their sales team.

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