How To Get More High-End Copier Leads

Follow your customers journey!

Every business copier suppliers will need more high-end copier leads and clients to survive, and yours is no exception. 

However, if you want to thrive rather than survive, you need more high-end quality appointments with leads who have the means, ability, and motivation to choose to work with you.

Social selling via LinkedIn can become a stage within your sales process that accelerates finding and engaging these leads, turning them into paying customers, and lifting your business higher.

LinkedIn is the most trusted and effective social platform for businesses, and you can use it to your advantage.

Identify Your Target

The key to success is to take a specific and targeted approach to building your business relationships. You need to have a model of your perfect customer, and you need to know everything about them.

From where they are located to who influences them, from what their job titles are to which publications they read, you need to understand them inside and out. Perhaps most importantly, you need to define the issue you will solve for them, what their pain points are, and why they haven’t found a solution yet.

Become The Expert They Need

By presenting yourself as the authority on the subject and showing you are an expert who can solve their problems, you’ll easily gain the attention of leads and win them over. It’s simple enough to do. Begin by trimming and tidying your LinkedIn profile so that it is specifically relevant to your target audience, and remember you only have a few seconds to make a great first impression.

Consistently post and share content that your audience will appreciate and can gain value from, always making sure it is relevant to them specifically. Generalizing won’t help to gain much traction but satisfying the needs of your target audience will give you a great platform to promote yourself as a true expert.

Social Selling for High-end Quality Appointments For Copier Leads

As people begin to appreciate you as an authority in your chosen field, they will also develop trust in you. This is vital for success, as when you move to arrange a call or a meeting with them, the trust they have in you will facilitate and agreement.

This maximizes the number of high-end quality appointments you can make, and greatly reduces the chances of rejection.

Social selling in this manner is not only ethical, but also provides real value for the leads and is certain to make a difference in the effectiveness and efficiency of your appointment-making process.

The Strategy:

1. Establish your decision maker target audience

We find your prospects on LinkedIn and send them a personalized message request. Keep it simple. 

2. First contact

Once they accept your connection request, you can start building that relationship, so that they know, like, and trust you. You do this with a series of helpful and valuable messages, sharing content that gets your prospect thinking about the problems you can solve. After 4-7 messages like this, you get them to accept a meeting - the free consultation, strategy session, or as we call it...

3. The copier leads sales appointment

And following this strategy, about 21% will accept a phone call or a meeting with you.

4. Email follow up

For the rest, we’ve got you covered with an email marketing strategy to stay top-of-mind so that when they are ready, you’re the ONLY choice they turn to. These emails are sent from our partner program and appear to your contacts as though your are emailing them directly.

When we manage campaigns for our agency clients, we cover all of this - and more - delivering high-quality leads, consistently, every month...

If you want to go after big accounts, and high-quality (and high-end) prospects, we should talk. Our Director of Client Strategy is available to answer any questions.

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