Copier Marketing with Google My Business

The importance of Google My Business for your copier business.

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Google My Business

Google My Business is vital, if people are trying to find copier dealers, or any business for that matter, the chances are that they will be using Google search. While the standard search results will show the websites that most closely match the terms that were entered balanced against the optimization of those sites, you’re probably aware of the business section that appears at the top of the results.

This section contains businesses that provide the services required that are local to the person searching. Your copier marketing plan should include provisions for getting your copier dealer business at the top of this section, but where do you begin?

By letting 1800 Copier take care of it for you.

Google My Business is the service behind the business section in the search results and also has an impact on searches performed through Google Maps. Setting up a GMB profile is simple, but creating an effective GMB profile that generates copier leads for your business is much more in-depth.

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When set up properly, GMB allows your business to be easily discovered by customers in your area. It makes it easier for them to find the information, product or service they require from you. Set up and configured correctly, a GMB presence will increase your traffic and conversion, driving new customers to visit your website, visit your physical location, or call you for information as you desire.

Creating a GMB profile for copier dealers is only the beginning. In some ways, Google My Business is a content platform, similar to a blog or social media channel. It’s important to keep the content updated, relevant, and accurate.

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Our Google My Business IT Service

We offer a complete service to set up, configure, and manage your Google My Business page to help generate high-quality copier leads. We’ll keep your profile up to date with all the latest information, add the latest photos and videos to increase customer interest, and post relevant content to the page to keep your account among the top-ranked copier dealers.

Fresh and relevant content is always important, and we’ll make sure that the content is created and posted as per the schedule listed for each package we offer.

Creating new sales leads for office copier dealers is our main aim, and using Google My Business effectively is a simple way to reach more people who are ready to take advantage of the service and products you provide.

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