Email Marketing For Digital Success

Discover why email marketing is so important for Copier Dealers, Managed IT Services & Office Technology Suppliers...

Email marketing in the copier & IT industry

When many businesses hear the phrase “email marketing” it is immediately dismissed. It’s an old idea, no longer relevant to the modern world, and most of all – spam.

Unfortunately, when copier dealers and office suppliers dismiss the use of email marketing to increase traffic and conversion rates, they’re missing out on a big opportunity. When done correctly, email marketing forms a vital part of your copier marketing strategy, driving leads to your website day after day.

Why is email marketing for copier dealers important?

With so many copier marketing channels available to businesses that enable them to reach their target audience, why would you choose email marketing? When working on digital marketing for copier dealers and managed IT businesses, email offers some clear advantages.

Primarily, you must avoid being considered spam. You need to build an email list that is permission-based for two main reasons. First, it’s a legal requirement in most countries to not intentionally send spam messages. Second, when your prospect simply ticks the box, they are showing a true interest in what you do.

An interested and engaged prospect is easier to convert to a customer than anybody else. Sending quality and informative messages to an engaged prospect makes email the most effective channel for capturing attention and building relationships.

Sales leads for office copier dealers aren’t always easy to find, but with an email list in place, you’ll never be short of opportunities for increasing your sales.

Email Marketing

How to run a succesful email marketing campaign

1800 Copier team can help you build your email list the right way, obtaining permission and delivering messages that have a real impact. It’s not easy to build a high-quality, permission-based email list without prior experience, and we’re ready to help you become a bigger success than you already are.

It’s not just list building that we can help with, as we’ll craft effective promotional emails and email newsletters to keep your subscribers interested. None of it is left to chance as we implement marketing automation along with testing and optimization strategies to continually improve your email campaigns.

In a world packed full of social media and other sources of instant information, email marketing maintains its place as the number one tool to get real sales leads for office copier dealers. Let 1800 Copier help you get the most out of your list as no other marketing channel is as successful as email marketing for increasing traffic and conversion when it is done with the needs of your customers in mind.