Copier dealers reputation management

What online reputation management means for copier dealers?

4 negative search results can cost you 70 percent of your potential leads.
Of job-seekers won’t apply to companies with online reputation issues.

Reputation Management

Every business has a reputation, and in the modern world with instant access to social media and other methods for rapidly spreading information, it pays to make sure your reputation is as good as it can be. Copier dealers can benefit from online reputation management, and 1800 Copier can take care of it for you.

Reputation Management

First impressions are critical

Whenever we want information or advice, we ultimately end up on Google. Just like first impressions in the real world, what people find online influences their perception as well as their actions.

When potential customers stumble upon bad reviews and negative articles about you in their search results, they will be greatly discouraged to do business with you.

What online reputation management means for copier dealers?

Search engine results are increasingly becoming influenced by natural language processing and sentiment analysis. In simple terms, this means that search engines attempt to understand how people feel about certain things. For example, a few bad reviews will indicate negative online sentiment towards a business, which is likely to lower the search engine ranking for that business.

Online reputation management (also known as ORM or even rep management) is a service that influences these search engine results by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and public relations. Positive interactions with clients and leads will help to improve the online sentiment of an entity.

As we move ever more deeply into an online-first world, your digital reputation becomes your most valuable asset. We use a combination of public relations tactics and advanced SEO principles to create positive online content and make sure that the search engines notice it.

When positive content is pushed onto the first page of your search results, the sentiment for your business will change for the better. The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter how good your business is, your search results define your online reputation whether they reflect the real world or not.

First Impressions are Critical for Traffic and Conversion

Would you buy from a business that looks untrustworthy? Whatever people look for, they tend to head to a search engine, which will most commonly be Google. You keep the outside of your business premises in good order to create a great first impression, and you always dress for the task at hand for the same reason. Why would copier dealers want to create a negative first impression online for any potential client to see?

First impressions influence the perception that people have of you as well as influencing their actions. If the first thing a potential customer sees is a bad review or negative article about you in their search results, they will be likely to look elsewhere.

Make sure your online reputation is managed to ensure your copier marketing strategy is effective by using the ORM service from our elite reputation managers at 1800 Copier.

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