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How to Get Copier Sales Leads

 December 21, 2020

By  Elie Vigile

In the world of sales, not much is as important as lead generation. Leads are where sales come from; they're how a dealer picks up new clients. This is just as true regarding copiers as it is any other product. So what exactly is the best way to generate copier sales leads? That's what we're going to touch on today!

Previous Customers Can Be a Real Help

One of the best ways to generate sales leads in any market is to use the customers you already have. Reaching out to customers who have done business with you can pay big dividends.

The trick is making sure customers don't feel exploited. You want to try and develop a rapport with them; you can't only contact them when you want to use them for something.

Personalized emails checking in on how they're liking their copier can go a long way, as can a strong social media presence (discussed later). If you're contacting them regarding things besides just fishing for referrals, it will seem less exploitative when you do ask for referrals. You also can offer incentives, such as coupons or even cash, for customers who can help you contact anyone that leads to a sale.

Develop a Strong Social Media Presence

Seven out of 10 Americans are on at least one social media platform. On top of that, social media is free (unless you decide to run ads to generate some more traffic to your pages). If you're not trying to develop a strong social media presence, you need to be.

Marketing isn't purely lead generation, but that's a big part of it. For better or worse, we live in a world where marketing, almost without fail, means social media. There are almost zero companies of significant size without at least some presence on a major social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram being the big three).

Social media gets your name out there. Done right, you can give your brand a warm, friendly vibe that isn't always possible with traditional advertising. Traditional advertising has its own place, and one we'll discuss, but social media is a free, powerful tool that warrants any serious company's attention.

Avoid Complacency

It's easy to get complacent in sales if you have a good few months. However, sales leads for copiers aren't going to last you forever. Copiers can last years and most companies only need one or two. 

If anything, a good few months is when you need to be on the offensive to generate more leads. Profits can be cycled into marketing and other avenues of lead generation.

Don't sit on a good string of sales. Use those sales as an opportunity; you have money to spend and a pool of new customers to ask about referrals.

Complacency comes in many forms. What is your competition doing? If they are innovating and generating new buzz, you should be too.

The short of it is that you should always be moving forward; a business that isn't growing is stagnating or even dying. You must always be ready for when another good opportunity comes by or it may go to somebody else.

Advertisements have been a business strategy for about as long as the concept of business has been around. It is a direct, simple way to get your message out to the public. However, that doesn't mean you don't need to strategize.

At its simplest, advertising is all about efficiency. If you spend more money advertising than you do generating good leads (and therefore sales), you've made a bad investment. Big businesses may be able to take some hits to generate hype, but that won't be a good strategy for even the most successful copier dealerships.

The trick to advertising is choosing ad strategies that target the right people. While you should examine your own sales data to see what sort of customers you tend to sell to, we can give some broad-stroke advice. 

For example, consider your demographic. Targeting the young, 18-25 demographic may not be the best strategy for copier sales as you're generally aiming for business owners. While young entrepreneurs certainly exist, it may be more efficient to aim older.

Another piece of advice we can offer is making sure ads are informative. While banner and video ads tend to directly link to your site, ads in print media and on the radio don't have that luxury. Make sure you give easily followed, actionable directions in your ad, letting people know where to find you and what you can do for them (in this case, offer great deals on copiers).

Consider a Professional Copier Sales Leads Service

The saying "spend money to make money" often sounds disingenuous coming from a company like ours and we understand that. At the same time, that doesn't make it untrue.

Investing in a professional lead generation service like ours makes sense for the same reason advertising makes sense. If the investment makes you more money than the service cost, it was worth it. 

Our services can help advance you to the next level of lead generation by tightening just about every aspect of your current lead pipeline. We specialize in getting our clients high-end, quality leads that in turn can convert to top-tier sales numbers.

Interested in Growing Your Business? Contact Us!

At 1800 Copier, we know copiers and we know lead generation. Our experts are knowledgeable at both. Our company has helped many copier dealers grow their businesses and we can help you too.

We'd love to work with your business to help you generate your own copier sales leads. If you're interested our service, whether you're ready to commit or have some questions, we'd love to hear from you

Elie Vigile

I help copier dealers turn their website and online presence into a lead generation machine using our custom marketing system which allows them to save money on advertising and bring in a new flow of customers without having to constantly rely on their sales team.

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