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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Copiers

 February 18, 2021

By  Elie Vigile

Being a salesperson is risky when your paycheck depends on that sale.

The copier industry is a great one to get into, but selling copiers can sometimes be difficult. You don't just want to be successful, you want to thrive.

Read this guide to know what to not do so you can.

#1 Don't Pretend COVID-19 Doesn't Exist

With the pandemic, the sales game has changed. It's no longer workable or safe to meet your clients face-to-face and shake their hands.

No one likes a reminder of these troubled times. But your clients will appreciate that you're taking their safety seriously.

This will mean more work for you. Your meetings will now be virtual, and your calls are going to double. You aren't going to be able to show them your success physically anymore.

You'll have to impress them with your knowledge and the work you'll do for them.

Remember that they are affected by this pandemic too. This is a grand opportunity to use that to better help them. And as a result, yourself.

#2 Don't Lose Contact

It's easy right now to let deadlines slip and to lose touch. But it's vital you don't do this with your clients.

You by no means want to hound your clients. But you will want to check-in with them more often.

You can set up regular calls with them. Or you can make your own roster of calls you keep track of.

The important thing is to keep a pulse with existing accounts. You want to know how they're doing so you know what and when to pitch a sale to them. You also want to be there when a need arises.

And by keeping closer contact with them, your client will feel seen. They will know you're in this for the long haul.

Because of this, they will want to work with you more often.

#3 Don't be Passive toward Potential Accounts

This can be a common mistake among any kind of salesperson. But especially in selling copiers, you have a lot of competition.

It's not enough to put up a few ads and wait for them to come to you. You are going to want a few hundred potential accounts knowing that you're available.

Set up mailers you can send out regularly. Have email drafts ready for you to edit for a new client. Schedule a list of calls to make daily. And definitely keep an eye out for which businesses are doing well, expanding, or going under.

And if they're going under, keep in mind who might replace them.
Don't give up, and don't stop prospecting.

#4 Keep Clients Updated on Your Successes

You don't have to brag either.

While you're doing business, there will be plenty of appropriate moments to slid them in. Mention past deals you've completed. Especially if those will be familiar to your client.

Your clients will feel more confident knowing your successes. They now have a reliable reference for you. And that may encourage them to give you as a reference themselves.

It's always important to showcase your successes as a salesperson. Your reputation will draw in more accounts and increase your value.

But it's also important to showcase them to your current clients. After all, they will benefit from your successes. When you score a big win, they will too.

#5 Be Mindful of Price but Push Quality

You'll always want to be mindful of what your client can afford. Most businesses will be looking at low-end but reliable copiers.
This is understandable-- copiers are essential but can get expensive quickly.

But purchasing the cheapest copier can cost them more in the long run. And potential clients who are more focused on price than quality will likely leave you when a better offer comes along.

By pushing better quality copiers, you are really cultivating a long-term relationship.

You want to be there a few years from now. And when you are, you want to be hearing about that copier still working like a dream. Not helping them buy the same cheap one for the twentieth time.

And this will weed out a lot of accounts you probably don't want anyway.

You want the ones that will continue to give you work and references. So, know the quality of your copiers and what they're really paying for.

#6 Don't Assume You Know What's Best for Your Client

If you're selling copiers, you know a thing or two about them. It's easy to listen to some of what your client needs and take off with the sale.

But that isn't always the smartest.

Your client knows their business inside and out. They know the common issues they come across. And they know what their needs are. It's better for you and for them to pause and listen to those more thoroughly.

When you do, you can solve their problems more quickly and effectively. It makes your job easier and builds trust between you.

It also makes you look better. Your clients will continue to go to the person who will listen to them and not just push for a deal.

#7 A Deal Isn't Done Until the Money is in the Bank

This is one of the most common copier selling mistakes. No one really thinks "copier" when they think about flaky sales.

But there's never a guarantee the sale will be completed. It isn't until the copier is delivered and money is in the bank that it's done.

Counting it as done until then is too risky. Anything can happen that can disturb the sale. The client could change their mind or their business could abruptly close. Especially during this pandemic.

Get into the habit of having tentative numbers separate from the real ones. With luck, those will always match at the end of the day.

But that won't always be the case. Be prepared for when it isn't.

Selling Copiers Is Hard Enough Work

Selling copiers can be hard, but it's also a rewarding career. If you do it right, you can have a job for life. So, make it easier on yourself by avoiding these mistakes.

And reach out to 1800Copier and ask how they can help you build your career in the copier industry!

Elie Vigile

I help copier dealers turn their website and online presence into a lead generation machine using our custom marketing system which allows them to save money on advertising and bring in a new flow of customers without having to constantly rely on their sales team.

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