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5 Tips on How to Create Google My Business Posts

 September 6, 2020

By  Elie Vigile

Gone are the days of registering your business in multiple directories. And nobody is saving their phone books anymore. Today, if you need any information about anything you pull out your phone and ask Google. 

If you want people to find your business, you need Google to promote you, and the best way to do that is to create a free Google My Profile listing to increase your chances of getting listed in the covetous map pack

Don’t neglect this important feature in your local SEO strategy, be sure you’re creating regular Google My Business posts so that you stand out from the crowd in the search engines. 

Keep reading to learn how and why you need to optimize your GMB listing to increase your visibility in the SERPs today. 


Why You Need To Optimize Your Google My Business Posts

There are several ways to boost your rankings in the search engines, and one of the easiest is to optimize your GMB page and posts.

Your Google My Business posts show potential customers all the pertinent information they need. Whether they’re searching for a plumber, a restaurant, or copier dealers they want to see their location, hours, reviews, peak hours, and more. All of this information is available at a glance, without clicking into anything, and can be a game-changer for your copier business. 

Stand out from the crowd with optimized GMB posts so your potential clients can find you at a glance. Some benefits of consistent and optimized posts include: 

  • Highlight flash sales and seasonal offers such as Black Friday or product launches 
  • Highlight social media and share photos from Instagram and Facebook 
  • Increase engagement to your website and physical location

Don’t limit yourself with the generic GMB profile. Go further and publish regular content to your GMB posts so you can stand out from the crowd and connect with anyone searching for IT service suppliers. 

How Does Google My Business Work?

Have you ever found yourself in a new neighborhood around lunchtime and wondered where you could find something to eat? Most likely you pulled out your phone and asked Google for the best Thai food near you. 

Thanks to GPS and location services, your phone knows exactly where you are and shows you the top three Thai food restaurants in your area. But how does Google know which are the top Thai options? 

The answer is that Google tells them. After all, they’re Google.

So, how can you tell Google all about your business so you can rank when people search for copier dealers? Of course, you start with a website that targets specific keywords for your business. Then you create social media profiles to build engagement and drive traffic to your website. And now, you can add GMB to your digital marketing toolbox of ways to increase awareness for your business. 

There are several ways to optimize your GMB profile, we’ll dive into them in this article. But the basics are still the same as other avenues of digital marketing: increasing engagement, encourage reviews, and tell the search engines exactly what your business is about through keywords and consistent posts.

Tips on Creating the Best GMB Profile and Posts

So, how do you do those three things through Google My Business? Well, to start you have to go way past the standard NAP profile (Name, Address, Phone number) and truly optimize your profile. As we established above, optimizing your profile has many benefits for your business. 

To create interaction with your profile, follow these top tips to optimize and increase conversions: 

1. Double-Check All Your Vital Information 

Obviously you don’t want to risk giving out information that is outdated or wrong. Imagine finding the perfect restaurant with outdoor seating and live music only to drive over and find it closed. You don’t want to risk losing customers over mistakes in your profile. 

So take the time to double-check all your information on your GMB profile. If you’re not sure how to do this or want to off-load this to someone else, consider outsourcing it. You can get a free GMB audit here and ensure that your profile is set up for success so you can improve your search rankings today.  

2. Upload New Posts and Photos Weekly

GMB allows you to post updates to your listing, don't neglect this important feature. You can share about upcoming events, sales, or new features you're offering. This is a great way for you to share more about your business while also standing out from your competition who is neglecting this option.

With everything happening in 2020, Google has added a COVID-19 update post to its original four options available. So, there are now five types of posts you can choose from, you should choose the best one for your goals.  

You can either highlight a product, show what’s new at your business, promote an upcoming event, or showcase a particular offer or launch you have coming up. 

Additionally, your posts will automatically archive themselves after seven days if you don’t set the dates for your post. So, be sure to update weekly and include photos to get the best engagement. 

3. Encourage and Respond to Reviews

You can encourage reviews by highlighting your link in your store and on your website. Google offers a “short link” that makes it easy to share your GMB reviews link with your audience. 

Additionally, remember to respond to all your reviews, even the negative ones. Don’t ignore the bad reviews, use them as an opportunity to show great customer service. Apologize for their bad experience and offer a creative solution. 

Even if you don’t solve their problem, your goodwill goes a long way for all your other customers who see you trying to help the situation rather than deleting or ignoring. It shows potential prospects that their concerns won’t be ignored and gives them trust in your company. 

4. Take Advantage of the Messaging Feature

Many people don’t want to call your business, instead, they would prefer to send messages. And now, with GMB you can offer this feature for them to contact you. Small business owners can now message potential customers directly from their phones. 

You can also set up automatic replies to generic questions such as your peak busy times. And you can send photos as well which is a great feature if you sell physical products.

You will need to monitor your messages, but this can be a great alternative contact method for those who don’t want to call businesses. 

5. Utilize the CTA Feature

Each of the five post options listed above has a specific call to action button. These are a key feature in your GMB posts. Don't neglect this button, A/B test your call to action and watch to see what works. 

Once you know this you can further optimize your conversions and engagement with your posts to increase business. Whether you’re promoting a freebie they can download or a sale they should attend, your call to action button can lead potential customers to the information you want them to have. 

You need to have the best GMB profile you can to be able to stand out from the crowd of IT service suppliers. More and more people are discovering the incredible benefits of having a stellar GMB listing. Don’t fall behind the competition by ignoring this important marketing strategy. 

Instead, take the time to learn how to have the best GMB page you can, or find an expert who can help you optimize your profile so you can focus on the work you love including running your successful business. 

Update Your Digital Marketing Today by Updating Your GMB

If you want to convert more searchers into paying clients and customers then you need to utilize all the tools available to you. And your Google My Business posts are an invaluable tool you need to make the most of so you can convert more clients. 

So, the next time someone searches for copier dealers or IT services suppliers in your area, be sure they find you first. And when your listing comes up on their search, be sure that it gives them all the pertinent information they need to make an informed decision right away. 

Don’t neglect your GMB listing another day. You can’t afford to miss out on this important piece of your marketing strategy. People are searching for your services every day, be sure you’re the one they find the next time they ask Google for copier sellers near them. 

If you need more information about how we can help you improve your local SEO strategy, contact us today

Elie Vigile

I help copier dealers turn their website and online presence into a lead generation machine using our custom marketing system which allows them to save money on advertising and bring in a new flow of customers without having to constantly rely on their sales team.

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